Surroundings Orosei: what to visit


The Gulf of Orosei is one of the most famous and iconic areas of the whole Sardinia. The numerous tourists, who every year visit Sardinia, are fascinated by the wonderful landscapes, the several trails surrounded by wild nature and the cliffs overhanging heavenly beaches that can be found on this side of the Island. Every stretch of coast gives nature lovers the opportunity of making unique experiences and enjoying beautiful places, such as Bidderosa Nature Park or other famous beaches, like Cala Goloritzè, Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu and Cala Liberotto where the sand is white and plenty of services are offered to the visitors. In this area it is possible to go diving or snorkeling to explore the seabed, go bird watching or hiking uphill.

Besides the beautiful landscape, this area is rich in monuments of inestimable value from an historic and cultural point of view. In the town of Orosei it is possible to admire more than 15 religious buildings such as churches and shrines, that were built in the most significant spots of the town in honor of the Virgin Mary and of innumerable Saints. Many celebrations are organized every year, among which we must mention the feast of Saint James, the one celebrated in the Shrine called Su Rimediu or the fascinating feast of Santa Maria ‘e Mare, during which traditional costumes and some boats are decorated with flowers and local food is cooked to celebrate Virgin Mary as protector of the sailors. Moreover, during spring and summer time several events take place with the main aim of celebrating Sardinian traditions with food and wine festivals or folklore displays.


Orosei: the old prisons


A dark building that tells the story of Orosei

The old prison is located in the heart of the city, in the old neighborhood called Palathos Vezzos (old palaces). It is known with the name “Preione Vezza” in Sardinian language (old jail) and stands out for its massiveness compared to other monuments in Orosei. The building was first built with the aim of protecting the town, it became later the headquarter of the Curia Regni del Giudicato di Gallura, it was then turned into a prison. The building has a rectangular shape, it is surrounded by a high wall and overlooked by a 15 metre high tower. Inside the wall there is a small yard, where prisoners used to be brought by the prison wardens. The complex is dived into four floors, on the external wall, where the plaster has gone off, it is still possible to see some merlons, a typical decorative element of the Middle Age.

450m | 6 minutes on foot


Osalla and Su Barone beaches in Orosei


Between two territories with an inestimable environmental heritage

Osalla is a very nice beach surrounded by vegetation and located in the south side of the mouth of the Cedrino river. Osalla is famous for the old nuraghe with one tower that overlooks the beach and from which it is possible to admire a breathtaking view. Su Barone beach extends for 3 km and it is one of the longest beaches of the Gulf of Orosei. The beach is surrounded by a pine forest and it is located not far from the pond Su Petrosu, which is considered a Site of Community Importance, whose environment must be protected.

4,5km | 12 minutes by car


Sa Pedra Istampada


A wonderful natural window that overlooks the Cedrino valley

Nature, trek and hike lovers will want to visit the Mount Tuttavista and its natural wonders. With a hike through a trail surrounded by vegetation it is possible to reach an incredible natural monument, Sa Pedra Istampada, It’s a natural window with a 40 metre diameter that was shaped by the wind and the rain and from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Cedrino valley and partially of Galtellì and Dorgali./p>

10km | 15 minutes by car + 20 minutes on foot


The crystalline sea of Cala Liberotto


Beautiful beaches of fine sand, granite cliffs and turquoise sea

The enchanting Cala Liberotto is a well-known seaside area of the district of Orosei, from which it is just 11km away. On these beautiful beaches, that are surrounded by pine forests and Mediterranean trees, it is possible to find several businesses related to sport and food, such as the renowned Il Corallo Restaurant. With a nice walk, starting from Cala Liberotto, through the numerous bays and beautiful granit pink cliffs, you can reach other areas of utmost environmental importance, such as Cala Ginepro, Sa Mattanosa, Sa Curcurica and Bidderosa.

14km | 16 minutes by car


La Caletta: San Giovanni Tower


A jewel of white sand that meets with the turquoise sea of the Gulf

La Caletta in the district of Siniscola is a wide beach that stretches from the homonimous small seaside town to the Su Graneri pond. The shore is famous for its white soft sand, that covers an area of 5 km, blue sea and a flourishing forest. The strong wind that often blows on this side of the island makes it the favorite destination for surfers and lovers of water sports. The tourist harbour, from which several excursions in the gulf of Orosei are organized, can be reached on foot. Here you will find restaurants, ice cream parlours and souvenir shops . The Tower of Saint John is a must-see.

34km | 35 minutes by car


Cala Luna beach


A movie set, the emblem of the eastern Sardinia, between Barbagia and Ogliastra

Cala Luna was the set for some movies that became very famous internationally and it’s considered, thanks to its wild charm and the heavenly sea, one of the most beautiful and popular places in the Mediterranean area. Besides the white sand and the turquoise water, Cala Luna is also known for the steep rocky cliffs that overhang the sea and fascinating caves where visitors can find shelter from the sun. The bay can be reached only by boat or by dinghy that can be rent in the closest towns or on foot through a long, steep trail, which is recommended for adventure lovers and expert hikers.

65km | 40 minutes by boat from Marina di Orosei