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Excursions in Eastern Sardinia: Orosei, a secret and unspoilt Sardinia

Maria Rosaria Hotel is the ideal starting point for an excursion in Northern-Eastern Sardinia, both in winter and in summer.

By Maria Rosaria you can choose among several excursions, trips and routes.

It’s a wonderful occasion to visit the most famous beaches of Orosei’s Gulf or to do excursions or sports activities with tourist guides and qualified and expert people.

We can offer you trips and activities lasting one day (about 8 hours), half-a-day (about 4 hours) or an evening (about 5 hours).


The better excursions in Sardinia organized by the hotel:



Visit to Biderrosa environmental oasis

It’s a conservation area with limited access, under the jurisdiction of the corps of forest rangers, situated about 10 km far from Maria Rosaria Hotel. Biderrosa covers a wide area which includes 3 white beaches with a very fine sand, wet by a clear sea which slopes very slowly. In some periods of the year, mainly in spring and at the end of the summer, pink flamingos stop in the water of the pool which lies behind. Length of the trip: about 4 hours.


Visit to Berchida Beach

At about 15 km from Orosei there is a beach surrounded by Sardinian nature. In some periods the sea joins the little river, creating a natural atoll, made by a large strip of white beach surrounded by clear and shallow water. Length of the excursion: about 4 hours.


Excursion with a motor boat on Orosei’s Gulf

It’s a mini-cruise with departure at 10.00 a.m. directly from Marina di Orosei. After about one hour of navigation you will land in all the most famous bays of the Gulf, reachable only from the sea: Cala Luna, Cala Sisine and Cala Mariolu. You can also arrange a guided visit of Bue Marino’s Cave, habitat of the Mediterranean monk seal. The entrance ticket to the caves isn’t included in the price of the excursion. Length: about 8 hours.


Excursion in Orosei’s Gulf with a rubber boat

A variant allowing more freedom than the motor boat, is the choice of the excursion with a rubber boat, always to discover Orosei’s Gult. Departure from the Marina di Orosei at 09.30 a.m., on a rubber boat with driver, to discover the beaches of the gulf: Cala Luna, Cala Sisine and Cala Mariolu. In this case too you can visit Bue Marino’s cave (entrance ticket excluded), but also customize the excursion to visit some other beaches or make longer stops. Length: 8 or 4 hours.


Excursion to Ispingoli Cave (Dorgali)

A visit to Ispingoli Cave, a more than 50 meters deep cave, particularly charming for the variety of environments and for its rocks, unique in Europe. Departure from Maria Rosaria Hotel at 9.00 a.m. Length: about 4 hours.


Trip to Galtellì, to discover the historical centre

Departure from Maria Rosaria at 9.00 a.m. A tour in one of the littlest but typical historical centre of Baronia, to discover the architectures and traditions described in a lot of novels of the Nobel prize winner Grazia Deledda, to whom is dedicate the Literary Park of which Galtellì occupies the central position. The town still preserves undamaged the views that inspired the writer. Visit to the Ethnographic Museum of the town, which exhibits original objects and finds which are evidence of the country life of the past centuries. Length: about 4 hours.


Excursion to Costa Smeralda

Departure by Great Tourism bus from Maria Rosaria Hotel at about 8.00 a.m. to reach the region of Gallura through all the most known seaside resorts. You can walk in Porto Cervo, the most famous town of Costa Smeralda or enjoy a comfortable guided tour by train to visit the most known views. Stop for the lunch in Baja Sardinia and little walk in the town centre up to the terrace, from where you can see the isles of the Archipelago and even Corsica. NB: The price of the excursion doesn’t include the cost of the restaurant and of the panoramic tour by train. Length: about 4 hours.


Excursion to Orgosolo and Supramonte

Departure from the hotel at about 8.00 a.m. by minibus towards Orgosolo, famous village of Central Barbagia known for its typical “Murals” painted on the external walls of the houses. From Orgosolo you will continue with an all-terrain vehicle to reach Montes forest, little stop at the source of Cedrino river, and then arrival to the “Novu San Giovanni” mount (1,316 meters). This excursion will allow you to walk and discover some of the most beautiful zones of Supramonte, a really unspoilt territory, where you can breathe pure air surrounded by vegetation. Stop in the typical sheepfolds of “Su Vadu e S’Eni” and coming back to “Su Pradu” to have lunch with typical dishes and products of the zone. In the afternoon guided tour in the centre of Orgosolo. The price of the excursion includes GT Bus/Guide/Lunch. We recommend you wearing shoes suitable for a not so demanding trekking route. Length: about 8 hours.


Trip to Museums and Market of Nuoro

Departure from Maria Rosaria Hotel at about 8.30 a.m. for a trip to Barbagia’s capital, the heart of Sardinia and native town of the writer Grazia Deledda. Here you can visit the Museum of Sardinian Life and Popular Traditions and walk in the historical centre of Santu Predu and along Garibaldi Avenue, the main road, up to the near Cathedral of “Santa Maria della Neve”. Length: about 4 hours.


Trip to Barbagia on a 4WD

The all terrain vehicles will be waiting for you in front of Maria Rosaria at 08.30 a.m. to reach a panoramic path on Corrasi Mount, 1,463 mt height, in Oliena’s valley. After a short trekking route in the nature of Supramonte we will reach by Jeep a secular wood where we will stop for a quick snack with local and typical products. The excursion in the nature will continue, among basalt rocks and the Cedrino River up to Lanaiatto Valley, famous for the incredible complexes of caves. After a visit to the sacred spring in the “Nuraghe” village of Sos Carros, we will reach the land of a very friendly shepherd to taste a very typical Sardinian lunch.
In the afternoon we will visit the most famous caves (“Sa Oche” and “Su Bentu”) and make a quick stop in the spectacular springs of Su Gologone.
The price of the excursion includes 4WD/guide/snack/lunch. We recommend you comfortable shoes and light clothing. Length: about 8 hours.


Sea and Mountains in Sardinia by 4WD

The all terrain vehicles will be waiting for you in front of Maria Rosaria Hotel at 8.30 a.m. Once overtaken Orosei, we will follow an inner road which pass through the woods of “Su Anzua” Mount and descends from the side of “Punta Gurturgios”, where the rare Griffon Vulture lives. Through a panoramic path we will arrive at Capo Comino (about 30 km north of Orosei). Going along the territory of the old lighthouse we will make a quick stop to taste local products. Along the sea we will reach the wonderful Bèrchida beach, where you can enjoy the sea and relax for about one hour before coming back. NB: The price of the excursion includes 4WD/guide/snack/lunch. We recommend comfortable shoes and light clothing. Length: about 4 hours.


Guided nights in Costa Smeralda, Porto Ottiolu and San Teodoro

Departure at about 8.00 p.m. from Maria Rosaria Hotel to spend a night in the most famous places of Northern Coast. In Porto Ottiolu for a walk in the marina, in San Teodoro to discover the little market of stands and have an ice cream in the famous “Piazzetta” (little square), in Costa Smeralda for a drink in the places you see in the magazines. Variable length, on average about 5 hours.